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How Does CryptoGraffiti Work BetChain app

How Does CryptoGraffiti Work BetChain app

How Can CryptoGraffiti Work?

A guest can type their message into the text field, pay some bitcoin, and following 1-10 minutes view the message decoded from the blockchain and displayed on the CryptoGraffiti site from the Bitcoiners.

June 17, 2016 untill, users were only able to send text messages.  But now it’s possible to have JPG images written to the blockchain alongside text messages.

The pictures can be up to 50KB in size. And, when of publishing to the blockchain the process is complete, no one on the planet is able to censor, delete or rewrite the information entered by users — it’s stored in the blocksoshi site it’s the first service in the Bitcoin ecosystem that implements automated image writing to the blockchain, Bitcoin and bitcoin casino 150 free reached out to CryptoGraffiti’s creator, Erich Erstu (nickname Hyena), to ask him a few questions about his vision of the task and its potential outcomes for the Bitcoin community. (BC): What do you do for living?

A photograph of young Angela Merkel with Hitler, published to the blockchain for permanent preservation.

Hyena: I’m working as a software programmer in the capital of Estonia.

BC: How did you come to opening such a cool website as

Hyena: In 2014 I was studying in the Masters’ program of Software Engineering in the University of Tartu. We had a course and for one of the course homeworks present the results in front of the class and we needed to datamine something from the world. I thought? For instance, similarly to the way Satoshi wrote”The Times 03/Jan/2009 Chancellor on brink of second bailout for banks” in the very first block of Bitcoin’s block chain. I immediately wrote a program that searches and monitors bitcoin TX’s for ASCII text from the output addresses of each transaction. As I was hoping, I found all kinds of messages, so I made the website that displayed those messages. I introduced it .

BC: Impressive. What services do you plan to implement in future?

Hyena: I intend to employ Proof-of-Existence support as an added instrument for cryptograffiti that allows secure timestamping of files for notary purposes. Also, In the future I want to develop some interesting provably game that’s played on bitcoins.

BC: How did you first learn about the Bitcoin tech?

Hyena: I heard about the Bitcoin technology in 2011 from a friend who learned about it on reddit and told me about this”cool new digital currency that can be used to purchase drugs online.” Apparently, he was interested in that type of thing, but I realized Bitcoin as an investment opportunity of this centuryBitcoin Casino Finder Was it scary or fun to learn about Bitcoin in the first time?

Hyena: It was definitely fun to learn about bitcoin because it was my gateway into the secrets of the financial world.

Thanks to Bitcoin, I now understand how the world economics work, how banks function and all that.

A satirical message about the current DAO troubles.

BC: What do you think about the ecosystem market for services such as yours?

Hyena: Some folks argue that services like cause block series bloat and are thus immoral. It is said that the block chain shouldn’t be used for this.

I think it’s exactly the same like saying that the Internet should only be used for publishing scientific articles and to swap e-mails with relatives. In my view, intrinsic value is given by the immutable data storage aspect of the block chain and the community should be happy for this.

Bitcoin is not just the online money that is magic but in addition, it provides a platform for censor free communicating and trustless notary services.

BC: Your recent article on forum says:

“I am delighted to announce that I have just received a contribution of 0.1 bitcoins from Smart Heating. It motivated me to implement the image storing. Also, thanks go to the bitcointalk consumer xumuku who also donated me bitcoins quite some time ago so I would exert picture storing”.

You have many such messages from the thread. Looks like the service has a real capacity and a to grow. Is it profitable to keep such a simple looking but website?

Hyena: With two decades of operating, people have saved more than 500 messages on the block chain using and I have obtained 2.1 bitcoins as donations. Thinking about the price of bitcoin I will say that I have not been working with a loss.

The agency has a potential to become more rewarding and perhaps it should be one day turned into a organization that is conventional.

I am yet to be approached by investors or people interested in collaboration. Until this, I am just glad to have developed a service that people find useful.

Thank you for providing the community with this new functionality and answering our questions. We wish you the very best of luck with your project.

Image courtesy of Reddit, CryptoGraffiti.


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